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Beta-Readers is a dating service, but for your writing. We match authors and beta readers based on writing abilities and writing interests.

What is a beta reader?
A beta reader is an experienced writer dedicated to helping another writer improve by providing a cross between edits and a critique. You can learn more by reading these two beta reading tutorials: Authors and Beta Readers.

Want to Join?

First read through these mandatory links:
:bulletgreen: Rules and Submission Guidelines
:bulletgreen: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still interested, you can either fill out the provided Profile, and submit them as a deviation to our Profiles Gallery Folder
:bulletblue: Beta Readers: Beta Reader Profiles
:bulletblue: Authors: Author Profiles

OR, you can choose to be paired by staff and complete the Surveys:
:bulletblue:Beta Readers: Profile Survey
:bulletblue:Authors: Profile Survey
Please note, both of those links go to Google Docs and are safe links


Beta-Readers is a wonderful group. Not only does it help pair beta readers and authors together based on personality, and other specifics, they also are able to form friendships between betas and authors. It is a wonderful experience for all that join the group. It is highly encouraged if you are a serious (or maybe not so serious) author. Please, check it out.

* * *

My reader, dangel88, is wonderful. She's honest, spots errors, and doesn't hold back. You guys did a wonderful job picking her out for me.

* * *

I'm part of a wonderful, working partnership. My beta-reader is responsive and gives me helpful feedback. I feel my grammar is improving.

* * *

I'm really happy with my beta pairing, it was amazing you could come up with someone so similar and yet different to me, and so soon. I'm sure me and my beta will have a great time and will have a great friendship at the end of it all. Thank you. :)


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Profile Gallery Update: First of Many!

Wed Jun 24, 2015, 10:58 AM
Hello to all you authors and beta-readers out there! This is MotleyDreams, your gallery gnome. I'm starting an effort to clean up the Beta-Readers profiles gallery and get those still waiting on pairs connected. To that end, I've started sending out notes to everyone with a profile in the gallery :faint: and it's going to take me awhile to get through all 169 of you (at last count), but we'll get there. If you have a profile in our gallery, I'd really appreciate it if you could update it with a current date (see #2 below). Are you still looking for a partner? Have you found one? You don't have to wait for a note to arrive in your inbox to check in, either. I now have a massive spreadsheet trying to keep track of all you lovely people, and it's quite daunting.

We have also made several staff pairings, to the extent that we had people listed. Anyone still on the list will remain until we find an author/beta for you. And, for anyone just paired, if the relationship doesn't work out, just fill out the form again, or submit to our profile gallery. (We don't keep old surveys once you've been matched.) Please let us know if anything comes up and a pairing doesn't work out!

1. Our profile gallery is for current, active profiles only, please! If you've found a partner or you're no longer available, please remove it from the gallery to minimize the clutter. It's much easier for everyone to find a good pairing if they're not bogged down in profiles that end up being closed. You can always submit the profile again later, if you start looking for a pairing again. (Your gallery gnome thanks you for the help this provides her. Wink/Razz )

2. If your profile has been on dA for years, it never hurts to update it! We have profiles in our gallery dating back to 2011. If the date on your profile is April 2011, many people aren't going to be sure if they should contact you or not. Your age, among other things, is another good thing to keep updated, especially if you're no longer a minor. Not all of our authors and betas write or read graphic R-rated scenes, and it helps to make sure everyone's okay with it. I recommend adding a line at the very top of the profile which reads "Last Updated: 24 June 2015" or something similar. This will display in the thumb and people will know at a glance how recently you thought about a partnership.

In hopes of spurring on partnerships, I'm going to feature the profiles of those people who return my notes (and new profiles, which we know are current). Please take a moment to glance through these profiles and see if you might fit well with them!

Authors Seeking Beta-Readers

Author survey.I am an Author.
1. May we send your survey response to your partnered beta reader?
Sure, can't see why not.
2. Are you new to beta reading?
Yes and no. I have had people Beta-read my work before, but they were to close to me to say anything about errors.
3. Your age (optional):
consenting adult. (bin writing for 20 years if that helps)
4. Genre(s) – Please be specific:
I write every genre and nearly every type of format.
5. Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or MA?
Depending on the story, all of the above.
6. Warnings: Sex, violence, politics, religion, and other hot button issues.
Most of my story's are written in a way to relieve my mind from thoughts about what goes about in the world and my direct surrounding. So I can write about the weather or a Gay serial killer who goes after religious politicians. I don't hold back.
7. What's your writing skill level?
My writing started as a way to tell my story's and to overcome my dyslexia. In time I have become better than the average beginner b
  Author Profile: Fan Fiction (Resident Evil)1. Are you new to beta reading?
I have done beta reading on my friends' writing before, but I am brand new to participating in Beta-Readers and just joined today (April 1, 2015).
2. Your age:
I am 27 years old.
3. Genre(s):
I would like my novel beta read and it involves elements of several genres. It is basically a crime drama/romance, but it has elements from horror (it is based on the Resident Evil series of video games) and military writing. As for Resident Evil, it is fan fiction for Resident Evil 0, but it pulls characters, monsters, and inspiration from Resident Evil 1-4 and elements from the movie franchise.
4. Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or MA? 
I would say that it is rated R because it deals with crime and horror, but I wouldn't go so far as to rate it MA.
5. Warnings:
This story involves violence simply because of what it is based on. However, though it is also a romance, sex scenes are not written out in any sort of detail at all. To cl
  Author Profile for Beta ReadersAuthor Survey
1. Are you new to beta reading?
Yes and no. I beta read for friends on the occasion.
2. Your age (optional):
21 at the moment, though my birthday is within a month of this current file.
3. Genre(s) – Please be specific to pieces you want beta read:
I write just about anything. Romance, horror, smut, comedy if I can be funny, adventure, tragedies, poetry. If I get an idea, I do it. Of course I have dozens of unfinished projects, but evertyhing ranges. One of my current beasts hits just about everything. Horror, paranormal romance, borderline erotica, adventure.
4. Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or MA?
Uhh, that really depends. I CAN write G and PG rated things, but I generally hit R and MA over anything. PG-13 might be close to the one short I'm gonna start soon, but yes, my work tends not to be for the weak of heart.
5. Warnings: Sex, violence, politics, religion, and other hot button issues.
I write a lot of sex and gore in one particular story. There are some throughout
  Not an Author but I write a lot (Author Profile)1. Are you new to beta reading?
Yes, I'm new.
2. Your age (optional):
It don't matter.
3. Genre(s) – Please be specific to pieces you want beta read:
I'm writing an ongoing novel for an urban/futuristic fantasy story and one for a science fiction story.
4. Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or MA? 
I try to keep it PG-13 for the most part. The only time I'd really push the edge is if there's a character who uses strong language, but I'll usually censor the words with *'s or -'s. Maybe the action scenes can be looked as violent, but I don't think it's any worse than something you'd find your average, run of the mill, summer blockbuster movie.
5. Warnings: Sex, violence, politics, religion, and other hot button issues. 
I haven't really touched on any hot-button issues blatantly. Not because of me trying to avoid it. There just hasn't really been a place for it, yet. Maybe down the line, when I expand on the whole setting of the world I've created
  Author ProfileAuthor Survey
1. Are you new to beta reading?
I've had only one beta reader before.
2. Your age (optional):
3. Genre(s) – Please be specific to pieces you want beta read:
The story consists of; Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama and much more
4. Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or MA? 
MA- Mature content, for the reason of sexual themes and violence.
5. Warnings: Sex, violence, politics, religion, and other hot button issues. 
The story is set in a fantasy world, and as there is adventure there will be, sex (nothing overly graphic) between any genders; so yes same-sex coupling, any religion is fantasy based and hopefully will not cause any issues. Politics if any would only be fantasy based. 
6. What's your writing skill level?
My level of writing to myself, i consider at beginner. I started writing a few years ago, albeit it was all TERRIBLE, but i had a friend who is my Beta on the fanfiction i decided to post after wri
  Looking for BetaUpdated June 24, 2015
Are you new to beta reading?
I'm actually quite experienced with beta reading now. I would accept anyone who is experienced or new to this whole thing.
Your age (optional):
Genre(s) – Please be specific:
Fantasy with subtle sci-fy elements. Mainly magical fantasy.
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or MA?
I'm trying for PG-13
Warnings: Sex, violence, politics, religion, and other hot button issues.
Some violence. I enjoy writing distopian stories, so I guess politics and religion would be involved but they are 'pretend' religions and politics.
What's your writing skill level?
I like to consider myself advanced, but I have taken over a year off from writing due to being a mom and wanting to focus on my kids. This means I am rusty.
What writing aspects are you trying to improve?
I want to work on my minor grammar errors. Also I want to scrub off this rust. I still need a little help with character continuity (but I ha

Beta-Readers Seeking Authors

Another Beta Reader ad!Acornaih's Beta Reader Profile UPDATED DECEMBER 2015
1. Are you new to beta reading?
No. I've beta-read here on dA for several wonderful people, and I've beta-read outside of dA as well- everything from college papers and poetry to novels and short stories. Additionally, I'm a proofreader for a quarterly-published magazine, and I do freelance proofing and editing whenever I'm lucky enough to land work.
2. Your age (optional):
I'm in my third year at college. ^^
3. How many authors would you like to beta read?
Three at a time is pretty standard for me. I'm already beta-reading for someone else at the moment, as well as working on my own novel.
4. Genre(s); Please be specific:
I'll read anything, really. Gore doesn't frighten me, nor does erotica, although I'd rather avoid pieces where the previously stated are the sole themes. Also, vampires really stick in my craw... XD
Romance, fantasy, thriller, mystery, christian/inspirational, basically...a
  AironShiroi Beta Reader Profile1. Are you new to beta reading?
I have been offering editorial services for several months, though the interest has been severely lacking since I have been too busy to really market it properly. I’m hoping that this will help get me more exposure as an editor on the site.
2. Your age (optional):
I am an adult and will beta read writing of any rating.
3. How many authors would you like to beta read?
I can beta read three short stories or journals at a time, though would only like to take on one novel or series script at a time. First come first served.
4. Genre(s) – Please be specific:
I personally mostly write fantasy and historical fiction though I have read plenty of romance, adventure, horror, sci-fi, and action. I’m currently scripting two fantasy series, one set in the real world and another set in a fictional world, and a horror/adventure series.
5. What won't you beta?
I will not beta fan fiction as I do have strong personal b
  Beta Tester for the Creator (Closed)1. Are you new to beta reading?
It's a new experience.
2. Your age (optional):
Old enough for anything.
3. How many authors would you like to beta read?
I'm looking for maybe 1 to 2 authors. I'd might be able to get in 3, but there's this real life thing that I haven't quite fully mastered yet.
4. Genre(s) – Please be specific:
On the real, any genre is fine. But I grew up watching and reading action, adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi. I'm not too keen on romance, but if it's part of the story and not so much the entirety of it, then I'm down with it. 
5. What won't you beta?
Let's try and stay away from erotica.
6. What's your writing skill level?
7. How serious are you about your writing?
It's a hobby, but a serious hobby.
8. Your writing strengths:
I think my biggest strength is in constructing a plan for a plot and following through with it. This came out of necessity, because if I don't do it, I'll end up wan
  Beta reader ProfileBeta Reader
1. May we send your survey response to your partnered author?
2. Are you new to beta reading?
I'm an experienced beta reader. I'm a little rusty, but I still know my way around.
3. Your age (optional):
4. How many authors would you like to beta read?
I can do 2 authors with one project a week. Any more and I will get flooded.
5. Genre(s) – Please be specific:
Any fiction, fantasy, steam punk, history and anything that doesn't contradict with my list of things I won't beta ^.^
6. What won't you beta?
I won't touch religion with a 9 foot stick. I'm cautious about erotica that isn't humanoid and humanoid, and I don't do Fan Fics.
7. What's your writing skill level?
I'm intermediate/advanced
8. Your writing strengths:
Description, basic grammar, punctuation, background, plot, character depth, and character arcs.
9. Writing weaknesses:
Introducing mass character (two or more), describing something 'out there' (e.g going through a time portal), finishing a long story.

Don't forget to glance through our Partnership Tips if you're thinking of starting a partnership. And please, if the profile says the author/beta is a minor, or doesn't list an age at all, please don't send them sex scenes. It's awkward and inappropriate.

The sooner I get another handful of active profiles, the sooner I'll post another update for you all. Until then, happy reading, happy writing, and thanks!


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ThroughTheCrystal Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
I am a novice writer and am working on a series, Gone, a story about pilots who fly through a wormhole into an aliean planet. So as a novice, I need to know how I am doing. Am I making it interesting? Is everything clear? What kind of questions do I erupt?

I need a beta-reader. Can someone help me?
eruthford Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2016

I'm looking for beta readers on my 80k word memoir about our son's extreme premature birth. It has themes of growth in fatherhood and growth in religion.

To let you know what this book is about, here's the first two grafs in my query to agents:


The doctor told us the best thing we could do for our first child, born 17 weeks prematurely, was let him die peacefully. We fought to have him treated, and our silent baby the size of my hand was sent to intensive care. As a father, I wanted to love my child, but at first, I was too overwhelmed to even pray for him.


Please Cry: A Father’s View From Outside the Incubator is a 80,000-word medical memoir about beginning a family in the most extreme circumstances. Our journey taught us how to be parents even though machines and highly trained nurses kept him alive. While fighting to give our son a chance to live, we became advocates for extremely premature babies, and his birth hospital has since become more willing to treat babies born at the edge of viability.


This book has gone through one professional developmental edit. I'm looking for non-writers who enjoy reading memoirs. (Writers offer too many craft suggestions.)


The book has no violence, no sex scenes (although that baby had to come from somewhere). It has some religious themes, although that's to describe the two main characters, my wife and me. I'm looking to find out if it is an enjoyable book that keeps you wanting to read, if you learn a few things from it, and if you can see my development as a father through the text.

SilviasReadingCorner Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016  Professional Artist
Hi I have seen a lot of people looking for editing work and/or proofreading along with beta. I offer all of those services. Please send me a message and we can talk further, or I can refer you to my website. 
(1 Reply)
sonofspeedracer Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Professional Filmographer
I am seeking beta reader for my 130k thriller, Killing in Kamchatka.

It's a “Tom Clancy meets The Relic” thriller,  where one man's life is forever altered  when the line between predator and prey blurs as he finds himself entangled in a cover-up.

I have been working on this novel since 2011. It has gone through several drafts and I wanted to bring this latest version out into the sunlight of beta readers. It is not erotic, and there is no cursing, but people die violently.

Thank you for your time.

LOST09 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016
I have no clue if this group is still alive but if it is my friend needs some help with his writing. a editor/someone to proof-read and fix their mistakes is just what they need. Do I have any takers? :D
(1 Reply)
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